The Book

This is a wonderful litter prevention and recycling book, which will enchant young generations with fun, witty words while instilling responsibility to keep their world clean and healthy for a life time! As you read along with Recycling Dragons in this exciting adventure story, you will laugh and enjoy how the littering Knights learn to keep the Kingdom clean.

Written by Dave Street:

Dave StreetDave Street has been giving presentations at schools and events around the country for over fifteen years and he is one of the emcees of ECOFEST, New York City's environmental festival. He developed this book as a result of his work with the New Jersey Clean Communities program, for which he has been a state approved presenter for many years. He has been honored by the New Jersey State Senate for his work and has his master's degree in education from Rutgers University. Dave's highly acclaimed school programs have a focus on individual responsibility for taking care of the Earth. To learn more about Dave Street and his programs, click here.

Illustrated by Elizabeth Anne Chack:

Elizabeth ChackElizabeth Anne Chack has a degree in Interior Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. She is an artist on the rise. Her illustrations and artwork will be delighting readers for years to come. She divides her time between Rochester, NY and Oradell, NJ and plans to continue to pursue a master's degree in architecture.

Published by Barber Books

Produced and distributed by Carl Bloat and Black Cat HD

Interior Book Designer: Anthony Rios